Choreography: Wojciech Mochniej 
Artistic Collaborator: Melissa Monteros
Soundscape: Wojciech Mochniej with use of samples by Mofongo, Morgan Pacard, STAC, Trapist, Sporadic E and Walasi & Lasoniowie
Performers: Basia Czajkowska, Lisa Hering, Wojciech Kapron, Kelly McCann, Wojciech Mochniej
Stage design and light concept: Wojciech Mochniej
Light Designer: Tim Koll
Lighting Consultant: Steve Isom


Main co-operation partners:


  • W&M Physical Theatre / Eko Dance Projects and University of Calgary, Canada
  • Compagnie Itinerrance, Marseille, France
  • Flow Productions, Oulu


  • Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej, Canada
  • Christine Fricker, France
  • Pirjo Yli-Maunula

In further co-operation in the Oulu region:

  • JoJo - Oulu Dance Center
  • Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Music, Dance and Media
  • Kiiminkijoki Institute
  • Haukiputaan Teatterikuoppa
  • Dance Artist Irene Räty


Center for Cultural Affairs of the City of Oulu, Arts Council of Finland (travel allowance)